The DEHESA LOS PRIETOS winery has been designed with a dual purpose in mind. On one hand, as a physical workspace, ideal for our oenologist and their team, characterized by its simple architecture, solid construction, and perfect organization of space. On the other hand, for its conditions that are safe for the environment, ideal for the production of our wines.

2,7 Million liter capacity

2,514 meters constructed

Winery Dehesa Los Prietos

Winery Dehesa Los Prietos

– 20 57,000-liter self-emptying tanks.

5 100,000-liter tanks with thermal exchange lining.

5 100,000-liter storage tanks.

8 25,000-liter storage tanks.

8 25,000 liter tanks with thermal exchange lining.

6 10,000-liter storage tanks.

5 5,000-liter storage tanks.