Finca El Cuartico

Finca El Cuartico

The DEHESA LOS PRIETOS winery was born in 2009 with a clear calling for producing quality wines; wines that express the richness of the different terroirs where our vines take root, with meadows rich in oaks, pines and fragrant herbs surrounding the vineyards. More than 300 hectares of vineyards and 9 exquisite varieties make DEHESA LOS PRIETOS an ambitious, young and enthusiastic project; where the passion of our oenologist and viticulturists allows us to enjoy wines with personality. Young and fruitful wines, with light touches of wood, are what began our journey.

All of our vineyards have exceptional qualities for producing vines. Thanks to the experience of our team of experts, we are able to control the entire process of cultivation, providing the winery with a product of the highest quality and the best conditions in which to produce our wines.

In DEHESA LOS PRIETOS we know that “a satisfied client is a future client.” Therefore, our relationship with our clients is close, personal and professional, allowing them to be in direct contact with all of our products through our oenologist and viticulturists; from the cultivation of the grape and its harvest to the elaboration of our wines.

In this way, thanks to the loyalty of our clients (our main value), we work year after year obtaining the maximum level of quality and homogeneity of our wines. It is for this reason that one of our services includes the personalization of the product to the tastes and needs of the client.

341 Hectares

RED GRAPE: 315,61 Has.

Tempranillo: 108,888 Has.

Cabernet sauvignon: 42,00 Has.

Merlot: 18,68 Has.

Syrah: 50,94 Has.

Petit verdot: 25,11 Has.

Garnacha tintorera: 40,00 Has.

9 Varieties of grapers

WHITE GRAPE: 25,46 Has.

Verdejo: 9,50 Has.

Sauvignon blanc: 11,41 Has.

Moscatel de grano menudo: 4,55 Has.